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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ori Van Lines and Ido Shtrauss: A quality and reliable moving concern

Ori Van Lines and Ido Shtrauss:  A quality and reliable moving concern

Searching for a good moving company is somewhat a difficult ask these days because people are filing

fake reviews and posts to bring down the repute of other people in the business and to promote the

name of their own company. They do it on purpose so that the name of a coming with a good customer

ship can be destroyed. Having said that, moving is a task which not only requires you to just set out for a

company that can pack and carry your things because you need to find the one which can be entrusted

with your valuables. Ido shtrauss has been in the moving business for a considerable period of time now

and has been running a moving company with the name of Ori Van Lines. The company was based on

the very theme of being facilitating towards people in making their moving task easy and affective. It is

quite obvious that moving is quite a hectic task but the company has been performing all its operation


Ido shtrauss is an engineer by profession and has every good repute in all the organizations or

departments he has worked with. Before starting with his business of Ori Van Lines, he went through

a fair bit of research and planning about the business and learnt all the ins and outs of this business

and employed all his resources to come with a service that can really stand as a forefront of the

moving industry. Though moving is not a cheap task but Ido shtrauss has always kept the rates of

his moving company well within the reach of public at large and employed the most skilled and

experienced professionals who have been working this industry for many years. Ori Van Lines has a

very professional approach towards everything they do and they perform all their procedures with

formal legal documentation. The company keeps everything in paper and ink because reliability and

trustworthiness has been the prime focus behind their operations. Ido shtrauss as far as I know is a

very professional, dedicated and reliable person who always prefer to take things seriously and always

strives to do everything with conviction. This shows in the work of Ori Van Lines as they have drafted

very strict quality assurance procedures for all their staff and they take full responsibility of everything

that is entrusted to them. The company provides quotes both over the telephone and by sending in

their professionals in case the move is a large one. They always provide a transparent quote about their

charges and have always met the terms they have agreed.

Ori Van Lines have some of the best vehicles which feature the best storage facilities for safe transport

of all the objects and articles that are entrusted to them.  They have been very good in terms of their

delivery time because they always deliver within the time period they stipulate for the delivery.   I have

myself had the experience of hiring the company and they really made my moving very comfortable

and delivered all the stuff as agreed in terms of the rates and the days required for delivery. There have

been some bad reviews off late about the company which is mostly the outcome of some insecure

competitors. But the fact is that the hundreds of satisfied customers that they have catered stand for

the truth and the company do not seem to be worried about it as they known that they do their work

with dedication and conviction.
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